Archaeologists have discovered the "White City" in Honduras

Archaeologists have discovered the

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National Geographic has confirmed that an expedition of archaeologists in the jungle of Honduras has returned with incredible news and one of the most important in history: the discovery of a lost city belonging to a mysterious culture never seen before: the legendary «White City», also known as «City of the Monkey God«.

In May 2013 We informed you that a team from the University of Houston and the National Center for Laser Airbone Cartography had produced a topological map (thanks to LiDAR technology) of an area of ​​the Honduran jungle in which they highlighted a particular location. It was presented at the Annual Conference of the American Geophysical Union on the 15th of that month and They claimed to have found the mythical White City, described very well by Hernán Cortés to Emperor Carlos V in 1526.

To get out of doubt, they decided send an expedition to the place and assess the terrain. And the results have been truly amazing.

On their journey, archaeologists examined a large space in which they found a large number of stone sculptures in an area full of mounds and with an earth pyramid, all of them in perfect condition since the abandonment of the city hundreds of years ago.

Christopher Fisher, Mesoamerican archaeologist from Colorado State University (USA), explained that “it has been very rare to find the site intact«. «The undisturbed context is unique«He added.

A total of 52 objects were discovered without conducting excavations and the entire city is expected to be found once excavations begin. Among the objects have been found ceremonial stone seats and stones carved and decorated with snakes, zoomorphic figures and vultures.

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The most striking object is a recognized stone head as "jaguar-man«, Possibly representing a shaman transformed into a spirit.

Oscar Neil Cruz, chief archaeologist of the Honduran Institute of Anthropology and History (IHAH) believes that the objects date from the years 1,000 to 1,400.

All objects have been documented but no excavations have been carried out at the moment and to protect the site from looters it has been preferred not to give its exact location.

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