Rubens' 'Three Wise Men' can be seen together after 130 years

Rubens' 'Three Wise Men' can be seen together after 130 years

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Without a doubt, history has always been closely related to art, where different currents have been very present in each and every one of the stages of history that we know and have documented. Painting has been one of the oldest known expressionsPaintings have been known from the caves of prehistory to the present day, which has made it even be used as a kind of form of communication.

Over time, those crude prehistoric cave paintings evolved to create authentic works of art such as the three wise men, one of the most important works of the baroque painter Peter paul rubens, considered one of the best painters of all time.

This work will be exhibited after 130 years at the National Gallery of Art in the American city of Washington D.C in an exhibition entitled: Peter Paul Rubens: The Three Magi Reunited, which is expected to be attended by thousands of people given the great importance of the painter and a work that has not been seen for so long, so this seems a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the excellent way of painting of the master Rubens.

This exhibition began on March 22 and will last until July 5 of this year. It has been possible thanks to a project launched by the Ponce Art Museum with the Plantin-Moretu Museum in Antwerp (Belgium) and also the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C.

For this more than interesting exhibition, the Ponce Art Museum wanted to get the three portraits of the three wise men, but for legal reasons, the portrait of the king in the National Gallery of Art could not be assembled. But finally there was no problem because the work of King Gaspar was sent from Belgium to meet with Melchor in the North American city.

It must be remembered that these works belonged to the best friend of Peter Paul Rubens, Balthasar Moretus, who in life fought with all his might with a paralysis on the right side of his body. The works were commissioned to Rubens after sending some sketches of the kings to turn them into excellent representations.

Without a doubt, this exhibition will be a fantastic opportunity to enjoy Rubens' excellent art with an exhibition that has not been seen in the Americas, which makes it even more special.

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