Byzantine tombs found in Istanbul

Byzantine tombs found in Istanbul

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Eight Byzantine era tombs They have been unearthed during restoration work on a building on Istiklal Avenue in Istanbul. It is the first time that tombs of this type have been discovered in this area.

During the restoration work, a skull was unearthed, and it was then that archaeologists at the Istanbul Archaeological Museum began excavations and unearthed eight tombs dating from around the 4th or 5th centuries. Researchers think that similar tombs exist under the buildings of around.

In addition to the graves, they were found different ceramics, chandeliers and dishes from the Ottoman and Byzantine times. Carbon 14 testing will be used to discover the exact age of the skeletons in the tombs.

Sedat Bornovah, head of the restoration team, has stated that this area is probably an ancient necropolis and that their intention now is to set up a cultural center in which the discoveries are exhibited, once the restoration work is completed.

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