They find a great treasure of gold coins in Israel

They find a great treasure of gold coins in Israel

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A few weeks ago, what is considered to be largest treasure of gold coins discovered in the country. It was exactly at the bottom of the old port in the Caesarea National Park.

As reported by the group of divers from the diving club, at first they thought it was a plastic coin from some game, but later, after verifying that it was a real coin, they notified the director of the club about the find. The latter reported for his part to the Marine Archeology Unit of the Israel Antiquities Authority.

When the official entity got going, They discovered an authentic find of around 2,000 gold coins with different denominations: one dinar, half a dinar and a quarter dinar.

Kobi sharvit, Director of the Marine Archeology Unit of the Israel Antiquities Authority, declared that this was something truly surprising. In his words: "The discovery of a great treasure, such as coins that had great economic power in ancient times, raises some possibilities regarding the presence of these coins where they were found."

“This could indicate that the situation could arise that we find a shipwreck in the same area or a nearby area where the coins were found, which would provide us with a great level of information about the importance of this area as a place. of transit or where ships from different corners docked ”.

It raises about what could have been the usefulness of the coins, possibly to pay the salaries of the military garrison that was in Cesárea and that was in charge of protecting the city. Another theory is that the treasure belonged to a large merchant ship that was negotiating with the cities of the nearby coast and finally sank at this latitude where the coins were found.

For its part, Robert Cole, a well-known numismatist and expert attached to the Israel Antiquities Authority, stated that the coins are in an excellent state of conservation Although they were on the seabed for approximately a thousand years, but these do not require cleaning or conservation work by the laboratory, which is a reason that demonstrates the high quality of the gold, which is not affected by corrosion or any another agent of nature.

Surely it will not be the last news that reaches us from this latitude with more discoveries of great value, not only economic but also historical, as shown by these found coins.

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