More prehistoric tunnels discovered under Bosnian pyramids

More prehistoric tunnels discovered under Bosnian pyramids

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After more than half a year of cleaning and exploring new sections in what is known as Pyramid of the Sun, in Bosnia, last April new prehistoric tunnels were discovered that have attracted a lot of attention from the international community.

Between the last stages of 2014 and the spring of this year, not much progress was made in the exploration of these tunnels, but very recently one of the branches found was followed, one that went south, directly to the Pyramid of the Sun , which was walled up, naturally or not, by a large rock.

Sam Osmanagish, discoverer of these pyramids, stated that: "We decided to go around the rock using parallel passageways and although we found many tunnels plugged by sediment, we were able to advance through other lateral passageways with East and West directions, although we did not advance too much because we encountered a large amount of material again.

“Despite this, we did not give up and dug a tunnel around a rock. We did it with great care, checking at all times the stability of the area and making measurements of oxygen and also carbon dioxide, for what could happen. Finally, after 30 meters, we overcome the rock ”.

After saving that huge obstacle a new section was found, absent of fill material or sediment, but was under water. Due to its height, between approximately 1.10 and 1.20 meters, the examination was carried out squatting and in this position it was carried out throughout the stretch.

At no archaeological remains or any evidence of human presence were found, but curious rather elongated rock fragments were found that were sent to a laboratory to be analyzed.

When the end of the tunnel was reached, the researchers they found a drier area where there was gravel and in that area a small round pond about 100 centimeters in diameter and 50 centimeters deep.

Organic material was found in another branch of the tunnel, exactly a piece of wood, which was also sent for further study. Now that another tunnel is known, more searches will surely be carried out to find out where exactly they led, who built them and if there are more and they have more remains that can help determine the many hypotheses that revolve around them and have more knowledge about these mysterious tunnels.

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