Milan presents one of the largest exhibitions dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci

Milan presents one of the largest exhibitions dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci

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The Pallazo Reale exhibition is the result of more than five years of work and is in charge of Pietro C. Marani and Maria Teresa Fioro, two of the most important historians specialized in the study of the geniuses of the Renaissance.

The exhibition has collected up to 200 works of art from up to 100 museums and institutions around the world, which gives the exceptionality to this sample, among them, the three paintings by Leonardo of the Louvre and 30 paintings from the collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The Pinacoteca Ambrosina has lent for the exhibition the famous Portrait of a Musician and 38 paintings from the Codex Atlanticus.

«The exhibition has been possible thanks to the collaboration of different cultural institutions around the world, which have contributed by lending some of the "jewels" from their collections. The result is a great exhibition that is the most prestigious dedicated to Leonardo during the 2015 Milan Expo, and one of the biggest attractions of the ExpoInCittá program.«, Has commented Flippo Del Corno, Minister of Culture.

The paintings show a Leonardo who is neither mythological nor rhetoricalInstead, they show the difficulties of his work and his different facets as an artist and scientist.

The twelve sections of the exhibition show the central themes of Leonardo, collecting not only his period of experience in Florence, but also his two stays in Milan and his move to France. The exhibition narrates his interdisciplinary vocation and his constant interest in adopting an approach to the study of phenomena.

Some of the distinctive sections of the exhibition are his autographed paintings, drawings and manuscripts, preceded by the works of other painters, sculptors or theorists before him, which allows to get an idea of ​​Leonardo's context in his contribution to the History of Art, Science and Technology as an artist and scientist of his time, avoiding the mythological and the banal. The last two sections show Leonardo's influence on Modern Art and the formation of the legend that accompanies him, the Mona Lisa.

The exhibition shows seven great masterpieces of Leonardo: St jerome, from the Vatican Pinacoteca, the Madonna Dreyfus from the National Gallery of Art in Washington, Girl's Head from the National Gallery of Parma, the Portrait of a Musician and three paintings from the Louvre: the Belle Ferronière, the Little Annunciation and Saint John the Baptist.

Some of Leonardo's original codices will also be exhibited, from different archives and libraries. The exhibition includes a large number of works of art that come from important museums and libraries and even from private collectors.

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