Objective: preserve history in Dohuk

Objective: preserve history in Dohuk

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The preservation of ancient sites, especially those that are in a conflict zone or in a nearby zone, is something that governments around the world should take into account because since wars there have always been sites of great destruction. historical and archaeological value.

It is necessary to move tab, but not only the governments, everyone who can do it, such as some high officials of the Kurdish province of Dohuk (or Dahuk) in Iraq, who have signed a collaboration agreement with the Institute for Near Eastern Studies and the University of Tübingen, in Germany, to preserve some of the oldest places in Dohuk. To do this they will have the invaluable help of Professor Peter Pfalzner, a renowned archaeologist who has worked for many years in places such as Iraq and Syria.

As is clear from this agreement, both Pfalzner and his team, have designed a plan to expand the protection area by about 4,400 square kilometers of the entire area to be able to preserve what is there and have the opportunity to discover some historical settlements of great importance that are suspected to be in this latitude.

To cover such an area, Pfalzner's team relies on drones with cameras on board to make 3D models of the entire area. Thanks to that approximately 92 sites of importance have been located, where many of the settlements can provide huge amounts of information about the life, culture, history, etc., of many of the peoples that passed through here.

One of the most important protected places in this area is the Bassetki settlement, which dates back to the Bronze Age, and where there is a bronze statue of the Akkadian god king Naram-Sin, which was found during excavations back in the 70s.

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Although Iraq is experiencing a rather tense situation, Dohuk is one of the safest provinces as revealed by the governor of the area. It is located between two mountain ranges and in addition to this natural protection, the area is guarded day and night by Peshmerga troops to safeguard the great heritage of this place and prevent any altercation from happening.

The governor insisted on the importance of this agreement to protect the history of the region, adding that it is vitally important to continue maintaining the historical legacy left by ancient peoples, something that should not only be respected but also studied in depth.

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