Prehistoric paintings found in cave in Burma

Prehistoric paintings found in cave in Burma

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A rock formation engraved with prehistoric drawings It has been identified deep in the Pae Dwe Mountain Forest in Burma and is thought to have been an ancient place of prayer. This prehistoric art discovery is the first of its kind to be found in more than half a century in central Burma.

Win Bo, an amateur adventurer, stumbled upon the images a few weeks ago in the area known as Mya Kha Nauk, eight miles southwest of the famous Padah-Line caves.

A group led by veteran historian Win Maung, amateur archaeologists, historians, researchers and the director of the Ministry of Culture arrived at the site on Wednesday and began investigating.

Reddish brown handprints and animal figures depicting turtles and deer were found on the roof of the cave, which appears to have been used as a shelter. Another façade of the rock features drawings of elephants.

'People in prehistoric times used to worship large animals, elephants for example, as their gods. Here we find a pedestal in front of the rock, and it may be that the area was reserved as a cult shrine to keep safe during hunting trips, "said historian Win Maung.

They were also discovered arrowheads in place. "The weapons belong to the Paleolithic and we can assume that the people who lived in the Padah-Lin cave, knew about this area, hunted here and took refuge in the cave, where they created an altar to pray," says Win Maung.

Thousands of stones and rocks were left on the ground to mark the route from the forest to the refuge. «In prehistoric times, people used the technique of marking the routes with stones, so by spinning all these tests we can conclude that the paintings are from the same period as those of Padah-Lin«, Win Maung recounts.

The Padah-Lin caves They were discovered in the 1960s. Research carried out by archaeologists here uncovered tools that dated back to the Paleolithic and Neolithic eras.

The Minister of Culture has said that the ministry is considering preserving the new site that has been found and continuing with the excavation and research work.

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