The Islamic State destroys sculptures in Palmyra

The Islamic State destroys sculptures in Palmyra

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Social networks have once again been the instruments that the terrorists of the Islamic State have used to publish images of the destruction of part of Syria's most important cultural heritage.

The website IBT reported that the images were taken in Aleppo province. A statement from the Islamic State stated that the group's militiamen found some dealers with effigies of idols. After ordering a trial for the ‘traffickers’ and sentencing them to be stoned, it was ruled that the objects they carried were destroyed because they represented ‘idols’ of Palmyra and ‘heretical’ gods.

The photographs released to the net show the destruction of the statues extracted from Palmyra. Many people stand around observing the cruelty of the militiamen with the statues, among them many children.
Already at the end of June the group distributed similar images in which they could see explosions of graves of historical Shiite leaders, in Palmyra.

Since the city fell into the hands of the terrorist group, the international community fears the worst, the destruction of cultural heritage of great importance found in the region.

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