They find objects from the famous Battle of Morgarten in Switzerland

They find objects from the famous Battle of Morgarten in Switzerland

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Archaeologists have found 14th century objects at the site of the Battle of Morgarten, which happened on November 15, 1315 when the soldiers of the Swiss Confederation ambushed the Austrian soldiers defeating them. This victory against Austria consolidated the birth of the Swiss nation.

The interesting discovery occurred in the Morgarten plain, located on the border of the cantons of Schwyz and Zug, as reported by the SDA news agency on Thursday. The two cantons have authorized archaeological investigations.

Between the found objects there were 12 silver coins from between 1,275 and the early 14th century. Some 14th century weapons have also been found, such as two knives, a knife sheath and two arrows from a crossbow, as well as jewelry and a bronze buckle dating from the 7th to 10th centuries. Other objects found such as knives or horse shoes are more difficult to date.

«These objects are very interesting and we are very satisfied with this find«, It counted Stefan hochuli, archaeologist from the canton of Zug to the newspaper ’20 Minuten ’. It is the first time that archaeological remains have been found where it is believed that the famous Battle of Morgarten took place, although none of them prove that it, one of the most famous in Swiss chronicles, took place right on this site.

Some of the objects will be exhibited at the Burg Zug Museum from Friday, July 31. It will then be exhibited at the Bundesbriefmusean in Schwyz from August 22 to September 30.

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