They find evidence of massacres in the Neolithic

They find evidence of massacres in the Neolithic

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Wars have always been something that has devastated any civilization and that we can see in many historical samples, and those that will surely appear with the passage of time. You have to go far back in time to discover that massacres and wars were not something of the ancient civilizations as we know them today but that even in the Neolithic these things also happened.

Thanks to anthropological forensic analyzes carried out using current techniques on mortal remains unearthed in Schöneck-Kilianständten in Germany, in a mass grave about 7,000 years old of antiquity, it has been possible to know of the existence of massacres at that time.

The analyzes, carried out by a group of researchers from the universities of Mainz and Basel, revealed that the victims of a massacre found in this grave were killed and mutilated completely deliberately and also reveals that their killers were violently cruel with their victims to destroy them completely.

All of this occurred at a time when Europeans first began cultivating agricultural fields. It is known that there were countless conflicts and that wars were day-to-day in much of the early Neolithic, although on the other hand, many scholars in the field assure that it is an isolated case.

The results reveal that there are a large number of bone wounds caused by arrows, but above all there are many cases of massive damage to the heads as well as the face and teeth, especially many of them inflicted shortly before death or shortly after death. which shows great cruelty.

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But if this were not enough, the killers deliberately broke their legs, which suggests that there was both torture and deliberate mutilations, only a few female remains were found, indicating that they were possibly abducted by their attackers.

The investigators of this case assure that it is not an isolated thing but we could be talking to a widespread trend in the early Neolithic, especially in the Central European area and, according to them, the very fact that the places where Neolithic massacres have been found are relatively close to each other, is something that reinforces this theory and also adds that the objective of this massive violence and extreme, it could be the fruit of a strategy in which the annihilation of entire communities of enemies is planned.

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