Remains of a 5,750-year-old boy found in Argentina

Remains of a 5,750-year-old boy found in Argentina

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A team of researchers from the University of Cuyo and the International Center of Earth Sciences have found the remains of a 5,750-year-old boy in the Villa de las Cuevas, in Mendoza, Argentina.

Víctor Durán, one of the directors of the investigation, explained that this child «would have been a member of one of the nomadic families of the region«, Because at that time the hunting movements were carried out in the family, not being an exclusive task of men.

«There is no doubt that they chose that place to bury it because it was possibly a site that they visited with a certain frequency, they considered it a kind of territory“Duran added.

Alejandra Gasco, the co-director of the project, explained that in addition, this family could come from what is currently ChileCrossing the mountain range to Las Cuevas did not involve too much effort and they could also take advantage of the flora and fauna resources of the area, being a very common movement among the nomads of the area.

Although this theory has not yet been confirmed, it is taken as highly probable also by the ceramic remains that have been found on both sides of the mountain range, similar to each other.

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