A Faience mask and Victorian antiques featured on Catawiki this week

A Faience mask and Victorian antiques featured on Catawiki this week

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This week, Catawiki auctions offers us a large number of very interesting lots, both in antiquities and in Natural History and Archeology. It stands out without a doubt an incredible faience mask, in addition to various ancient Egyptian figurines, a careful selection of fossils and minerals, and a victorian auction in antiques that we cannot fail to discover.

These are the most outstanding lots of this week:

Antiques Auction

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At the antique auction, a chess of St. George, from England (19th century), in very good condition with mirrefield horses original. Pieces carved by hand by 19th century English artisans. Dimensions: the King 75 mm and the board approximately 30x30x2 cm.

On the other hand, a English oak crib from the year 1700, in good condition and without restorations, and finally6 Victorian velvet chairs 19th century in very good condition.

Natural History Auction.

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In the Natural History auction we highlight three very interesting lots. On the one hand a Ammonite, Aioloceras besairiei, original from Madagascar in perfect condition, 11.6 cm in diameter. On the other hand, a large slice of the Pallasite meteorite, 8 × 5 cm and 36.7 g of weight.

Finally, the third batch that we highlight is the fossil of aPycnodontida with visible teeth - Coccodus sp. - 17.5 x 10 cm (sample 8.5 cm), a very peculiar Cretaceous fossil in very good condition.

Archaeological Objects Auction.

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At the auction of archaeological objects We found 4 lots that are truly worth it and that contain objects that we who are passionate about History and Archeology would like to have. On the one hand an incredible faience bead funeral mask, 12.5 - 10 cm, in a perfect state of conservation, which still preserves the essence of Ancient Egypt.

Also from Ancient Egypt we find a 10.2 cm ushabti, between the years 1554/1080 BC. intact, without any repairs; and one figure of Horus with double crown 4.3 cm and dated between 900 - 600 BC, which was part of a larger figure.

Finally we highlight a great Celtic bronze bracelet, from the Bronze Age (900 BC) in very good condition, still with its green patina and 66 × 50 mm in size and 121 grams in weight.

If you want to discover more objects, you just have to go to the Catawiki auctions and take a look at their entire catalog where, surely, you will find something that arouses your interest.

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