Roman temple found in Aswan, Egypt

Roman temple found in Aswan, Egypt

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A team of archaeologists from the Egyptian Excavation Field School who work in the Kom Al- Rasras deposit in Aswan, has discovered the remains of a 2nd century Roman temple.

The temple has cartouches of various Roman emperors such as Domitian, Adriano and Antonio Pío.

The Head of Ancient Egyptian Antiquities of the Ministry of Antiquities, Aymen Ashmawi, explained that during the works the temple shrine It consists of three chambers, which lead to a transversal room connected to another, with remains of stones engraved with stars that represent the sky, which could be part of the roof of the temple.

Ashmawi added that the temple could be connected to the area of Gebel El-Silsila and that it was probably part of the residential area of ​​the quarry workers, having found Khenu's name engraved on one of the blocks.

Via Ministry of Antiquities

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