The remains of the Puerta de San Juan reappear in Segovia

The remains of the Puerta de San Juan reappear in Segovia

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The works that are being carried out in the San Juan street in the center of Segovia, the street that serves as the main access to the walled city, has brought to light the archaeological remains that were foreseen before starting the works.

Thus, the foundation of the San Juan Gate, which was shot down 130 years ago, and a cube of the medieval wall of Segovia.

The door, dating from the 16th centuryIt was demolished in 1888 with the aim of widening the street and with that measure, allowing access for carriages.

These foundations are the only thing that remains of the door and their location in the place was known, so they will be re-documented and added in the planimetry, in addition to carrying out various added studies, to later conserve them underground as it is the only option available so that they do not interfere with normal use. of the street.

Image: Caja Segovia Foundation

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