Geological history of the Earth: the Devonian period

Geological history of the Earth: the Devonian period

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The Devonian period spans from 415 to 360 million years ago, and is known as the “era of fish”, Presenting an enormous diversification of this species.

That includes lobe-finned fish which later evolved into the first tetrapods, and the evolution of armored fish.

With regard to the land, all the plant groups diversified in what is known as the "Devonian Explosion", where the first trees evolved together with the seeds.

This event also allowed the diversification of arthropod life, which quickly adapted to the new habitat.

At Devonian period the first amphibians also evolved, with fish occupying the upper part of the food chain.

The Late Devonian mass extinction

At the end of the Devonian period 70% of all species became extinct in the event known as Late Devonian mass extinction, in what was the second mass extinction event in Earth's history.

Between the possible causes we found important environmental changes, perhaps caused by meteorite impacts; the excessive growth of the planet's plants, or strong volcanic activity, among others.

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